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Christmas Candles is the unique design of lights

Posted by waxationsjuhi on April 4, 2013 at 8:00 AM

Christmas is the Christian holiday that is annually celebrated to remember the birth of Jesus Christ. It is celebrated on the 25th of December. Candles have always been in use during this holiday and for various reasons. For example, at first a large candle was used in a play as the big star that directed the wise men to where Jesus was born. Candles were also used to light the Christmas tree until the invention of the electric lights which are far much safer. With the changing emerging trends in the interior design business as well as stiff competition in the hand- making candles industry, candles have evolved from just providing light and warmth but have been added fragrance oils to scent the rooms and churches when lit. Christmas candles are also now diverse in size, color, type, style, scent and the accessories they are adorned with.

At ‘Waxations Hand- making Candle Company’, special Christmas gift sets, samples and basket are available as well as Christmas travel kits for those planning to travel or stay outdoors during the Christmas season. The Christmas Candles are made with the greatest amount of first- class fragrance oil and with candle wax that holds. This ensures that customers’ wants and needs are met. Christmas theme colors are red, gold and green are most candles come in these colors either singly or two or all of them combined together. Other colors available though, are lavender, white, cream, black, brown and so many other colors. It all goes down to the choice of the customer. Christmas candles come in varying sizes, small, medium and large. Jar, tea light, taper, votive and pillar candles are some of the types and styles of candles available which also come in varying shapes, the Christmas tree shape being the most unique.

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